Avocado And Crab Gluten-Free Pasta: A Very Easy Recipe

Being gluten-free and almost entirely vegetarian (I eat a little fish sometimes), there’s a risk meals can get a little boring/repetitive. Especially since I don’t have much time, or inclination, for cooking really complicated meals, and I’m trying to cook on a phd student budget! So, I like experimenting sometimes! This week I’ve been visiting my parents, and one wonderful thing about their house is a fridge filled with M&S food. So, I strongly advise all ingredients in the following recipe are M&S sourced 😉

I just made up this pasta based on what I found in the fridge and thought it was really nice! So, as I decided to write down the recipe anyway so I can cook this again, I thought I’d share it. I love really quick and easy, but tasty and filling meals, so this was perfect for me!

15 minute Avocado & Crab Gluten-Free Pasta:


– Gluten-free rice pasta
– One ripe avocado
– Green basil pesto
– Tzatziki
– Crab meat (and possibly a lemon)
– A hard cheese (e.g. Parmesan)


Add a generous amount of gluten-free rice pasta to a pan of boiling water. Add a liberal dash of salt and a dollop of olive oil, as gluten-free pasta tends to stick (keep stirring it at intervals for the same reason). Cover the pan, as covering it saves about 50% of the energy used to cook the pasta (let’s try to save the planet).

While the pasta is cooking:

First, deal with the avocado. With a sharp knife cut length-wise all around the stone. The avocado should be soft enough that you can then twist it into two halves, peel the skin off each half, and then pop out the stone from the half to which it’s still clinging. Wash and save the stone, because you can grow an avocado plant from it (yes, really; I know someone who has). Now dice the avocado into little cubes.

Next, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of green-basil pesto on top of the diced avocado. Add also a table-spoon of tzatziki (preferably one with pieces of cucumber in it). Mix well into the avocado.

Now stir the crab meat into the mixture. (You could have added a little lemon juice to the crab if you wanted.) Voila, your sauce is done!

Grate a hard cheese (e.g. Parmesan, which goes really well with pesto). Don’t stir it into the sauce, though!

When the pasta is cooked, stir the sauce into it. Make sure the pasta is really hot, so the sauce gets warm too (I hate cold sauce!).

Finally, dish it up onto a plate, and sprinkle a good helping of the cheese of your choice on top.

Enjoy 🙂