Dyspraxia: Odd Socks

Being dyspraxic can be frustrating, but it can also be funny. Compared to a lot of SpLDs , there’s not a lot of insights into dyspraxia on the internet yet, especially dyspraxia in adults. There are some great blogs, a couple of useful forums, and some helpful websites, but there are no full-length documentaries, and a general scarcity of resources and in-depth insights. So, both for other dyspraxics and for those who are interested in understanding this condition better, I thought I’d do my own tiny bit by blogging occasionally some of the little things in life that colour it distinctively for a dyspraxic. It’s not that no non-dyspraxic would ever do/think any of these things, but more the frequency and the greater issues with memory, co-ordination, and processing speed that makes such experiences typically dyspraxic, and our experience of the world a bit different to everyone else’s!

Fully dressed, apart from bare feet, running late, you rummage through your underwear. Socks… socks… You throw those you find on the bed:

one red;

one black;

one pink and stripy;

one grey with foxes;

one grey with a zebra;

one grey and stripy;

one blue.

Surely there must be more!

More frantic rummaging….

No, that’s it. Seven odd, differently coloured socks.

Uhhhh. And today is a teaching day! You can’t teach in odd socks!

Would any of these paired look like they matched?

Could the foxes join the zebra?

Or pink and stripy with grey and stripy?

Not really. If only there had been a black and white one, you could have gone for hipster-ish and claimed they were yin and yang socks.

Could you get away with boots that covered up your socks?

It’s a boiling hot day… Boots would look very odd.

You reach for a pair of already-worn socks in the little pile of worn-clothing on a chair. You don’t remember ever having stooped this low before. Re-wearing socks? Ugh!!

They smell okay at least. And they match.

Five minutes until the bus! Say your prayers, grab everything, breakfast can wait…

On the bus, you sigh with relief. You made it, you’re not late.

You put your finger to your earlobe thoughtfully. Aaaah! You’re not wearing earrings. You look like a mouse (or a twelve-year old) without earrings… And…

… you glance down… somehow you ended up putting on trainers instead of tidy shoes… great, so much for being presentable for the seminar.

Ah well, at least your socks match!

Tucked up in bed that night, you snuggle into your pillow. It was a crazy busy day in a hard week, but somehow you made it through okay. Tomorrow looks packed too. First up is a meeting with your supervisor.


Oh no…

You forgot to do any laundry this evening!

Uhhhhh. Great.

A meeting with your supervisor in odd socks.

Will it be the zebra with crimson, or the foxes with strawberry whirl?