Canon EOS 100D -First Explorations

For my birthday I got a canon EOS 100D, funded by my extended family clubbing together, and chosen with the help of my boyfriend – I’m extremely grateful to everyone 🙂 I had my first ‘go’ with it today and… I am in love! Doubtless my camera, like my smartphone and laptop, wonders what it had done so wrong in a previous life to be lumbered with such a dinosaur, so I am aware this is possibly unrequited love 😉

I’ve loved taking photos for years, especially of quirky little details like flowers and trees and waves lapping on the shore, but until now I’ve only had shares in an elderly digital camera and my smartphone. So, it’s going to take me a while to wrap my head around my new camera, and I know I’ll have to be patient, not be disheartened at often not getting the result I wanted, and keep enjoying the process of photographing, exploring and learning.

These were the best of today’s experiments (don’t ask to see the worst! :p )



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