Canon EOS 100D -Second Explorations

Last Sunday it was a gorgeously sunny day so, sweltering slightly, I headed out into the countryside to practice more with my new camera.

Well, before I headed out I did some quick practising of some of the fun modes on a… erm… willing subject. Meet Octavian. [This is grainy black and white]


The countryside looked so beautiful! Honestly, I’m still having a lot of trouble capturing that fully on camera. Really good photography, in my opinion, makes a scene/object/landscape look at least as beautiful/striking as it does in real life. My landscape photos on this camera look okay (which is thanks to the incredible clarity of the images it produces) but nothing like as beautiful as the reality around me. I think I need to do some reading up and a lot more practising. Here’s just a glimpse into what a lovely walk it was 🙂


I did mess around a bit with the different black and white options this time, having just discovered them. It’s tempting to like everything better in black and white, simply due to the novelty value, but I’m trying to develop some discernment as to when black and white actually enhances the photo and when it doesn’t really. I think it does sometimes highlight the textures that I might otherwise miss when looking at a photograph.


I really like close-up photography, and also love nature, so I had fun focusing on insects this trip! Eccentric as it probably is, I definitely plan on doing it again! Looking at the incredible complexity and beauty of such tiny, often overlooked, beings makes me marvel all the more at the wonder of creation.


Ladybird grass

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