Josef Suk’s Scherzo Fantastico

I’m hoping to go to a concert soon featuring pieces by Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov – two of my long-time favourite composers – and the other piece listed on the programme was Josef Suk’s Scherzo Fantastico. Whose’s What? I thought I could endure whatever it was, even if I – quite probably – didn’t much like it (I’m not a great fan of Romantic-era music), for the sake of some Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov.

Then, last night, lying in bed, I gave Suk‘s Scherzo Fantastico a listen. (Believe me, lying in the dark at night is one of the best ways to enjoy Classical music!) And it is truly fantastico! This playful, fantastical, majestic little piece is captivating.

I hadn’t heard of Josef Suk before (let alone this piece), and I’m not sure he’s a household name among many other Classical-music fans either, but this piece is well worth a listen.

I keep meaning to start a series of posts on under-rated composers on this blog one day. We’ll see if I ever actually get round to it! For now, when you’re lying in bed not quite ready to sleep, you might enjoy these 15 minutes:

[Fun Fact of the Day: did you know ‘scherzo’ is Italian for ‘I joke’? You can certainly hear that in this piece!]


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