The Motivation Switch: A Review

This book cost me nothing: it’s a free Kindle book. And, considering that it was free, it was a good addition to my Kindle library.

The full title is The Motivation Switch: 77 Ways To Get Motivated, Avoid Procrastination, And Achieve Success. I’m a PhD student, and so, with a lot of unstructured time spent doing research largely under my own steam in a highly pressurised environment, procrastination is something that has to be recognised, fought off, and barricaded from returning to storm my ivory tower anytime soon. Therefore, this book was especially useful for me. I have my Kindle books on my phone, and so on days when I was feeling less motivated, I’d read the next motivational tip (or, if it was one that didn’t resonate with me, I’d read the next one after that too!). This little bit size approach to keeping myself motivated was useful for me, especially considering the work environment in which I am currently. The book isn’t written for PhD students specifically, though, but rather people in general, especially anyone in any standard line of work, and I can imagine it could be helpful to people in a lot of different situations.

It isn’t a book that’s changed my life in a big way, and to be honest I’ve forgotten most of the tips already, but it’s a handy little thing to keep on my phone, and I’ll probably re-read it. In one of the tips towards the end, the author advertises another of his/her books, The Identity Switch, which is only £0.99, so I might buy that now.

My one issue with this book, as I’m a Christian, is that it isn’t written from a Christian perspective, and so a few of the tips aren’t compatible with a Christian worldview. I didn’t find that a huge problem, as I could either adapt them to fit my faith-based approach to life, or just skipped past them to the next tip. But if you want a motivational book that has a faith-based approach, then this isn’t the one for you. I’m not actually aware of any cheap and good Christian motivational books, full of practical little tips like this, so if anyone knows of any I’d be interested to read them!


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