Sad Animal Facts: A Review

These are tongue-in-cheek ‘sad’ facts. This book is, in fact, really funny. The amusingly eccentric author has paired an interesting fact about each animal with a humorous little cartoon.

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The only really sad fact is:


At the back of the book is a short explanation of the context behind each of the facts e.g. ‘Bats have long-distance relationships. Male bats and female bats live in identical communities but at different altitudes, and meet up only when it’s time to mate. Males live in higher altitudes and females live in lower altitudes, near water.’

Despite the picture-book style, this isn’t a children’s book but a droll hours’ amusement for an adult! Nonetheless, it’s not the kind of book you need to worry about your kids picking up too. I probably wouldn’t recommend this book for children under about 8, as the sad facts might be too sad for them, but I think it’s fine for any child over 8 who has the reading ability to understand and enjoy it; or you could even enjoy it together as a family for an hour on a rainy day, taking turns to read out the facts and mustering your best animal voices for the cartoons’ statements.

Definitely one of the funniest books I’ve read in a while. It reminds me of Jane Seabrook’s Purry Logic, another genius little book in the same style.

A review of Brooke Barker’s Sad Animal Facts.

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