Insect Photography

Despite the photography radio-silence, I have actually still been using my camera enthusiastically when I have got some free time. I find actually taking photos is more interesting than uploading, tagging, and watermarking them, so I haven’t got round to sharing them until now!

I’ve still been enjoying trying to photograph insects (combine animal-lover with a love for close-up photography and slightly challenging activities and what do you get…), and spent probably several hours in total this summer trying to sneak up quietly on flies, bees, spiders, butterflies etc. It turns out that some insects are quite up for having their photo taken e.g. flies, bees, butterflies (and snails and slugs, obviously), and others are not e.g. wasps and spiders. I have not given up on getting good photos of the latter, though, the increased challenge only makes the incentive stronger!

These are my favourites, most of them because they’re the best of the photos I got, but a couple because they make me smile – I loved how the slug seemed to strike a selfie pose as I got my camera out!

I hope you enjoy these 🙂 If you have any comments or advice, as always, they’d be warmly welcomed 🙂



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