New Kindle Book Out!

I had to take a bit of a hiatus from blogging the past few months as work has been so busy! But I am very glad to be back 🙂 And very glad to be sharing that I have just published my second Kindle book!

I published a novelette on Kindle years ago. I went through the excitement of launching it and publishing it, and for a few weeks was really immersed in it. But then I began my PhD shortly afterwards, and I have to admit that I did no more promotion or publishing after that. The exciting new world of PhD swallowed me up! That is not to say that I stopped writing, though. I carried on writing fiction, and began writing flash fiction a couple of years ago, sharing my stories with family and friends. I got feedback from colleagues who were also keen writers, and made a lot of progress. But I didn’t dip my toe into Kindle publishing again… until now.

Why now? Well, earlier this month, tidying up my computer folders one evening, I ended up reading the flash fiction stories I’d written, and I thought it seemed a shame to leave them mouldering on my hard drive. So I thought I’d take the plunge of publishing some of them, in the hope that at least a few other people – outside of my family and friends – might enjoy them too! I decided to put together a little collection of them, under a theme, and, after some thought, I went for an animal-themed anthology of flash fiction. It’s not long – just under 3,000 words, and comprises 7 pieces of flash fiction. I’ve priced it as low as I can, less than a good cup of coffee at £1.28/£0.99, because sharing my writing is my priority rather than making much money (though, of course the latter would be a very pleasant and welcome surprise to this somewhat impoverished PhD student!).

I will be sharing a couple of the pieces in the collection on this blog over the next few months, as a sort of trailer, so keep your eyes peeled for those 🙂 I’m not going to pretend that my little anthology is a lengthy, professionally-published volume – it’s an indie-published, homespun thing, comprised of some of the best of the little miniatures I painstaking wrote over the last couple of years and illustrated with some of the best of my photography – but I hope people think it’s worth buying and that they enjoy it!

(And yes I’ve spotted the sneaky typo ‘whom’ in the preview pages already – I will correct that as soon as Amazon will let me! There’s always one that gets through tons of proof-reading, isn’t there!)

P.S. Hope you like my front-cover jellyfish photo! Spotted him/her drifting in the shallows on holiday, last week, and thought he/she was stunning 😉


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