A Seagull’s Summer Holiday: Flash Fiction

I left the salt at the Thames Barrier: its teeth consumed the ocean tide. I perched on the beach at Greenwich: there were scattered oysters shells, but no oysters; children, but no ice-cream; sand, but no waves. I took wing.

I watched porpoises plunge in the quiet of dawn. I hitchhiked on City Cruises – their prows slicing foaming trenches of water. I saw gardens on boats; boats decades beached; beaches of driftwood and mud. Buildings grew taller than trees and glittered brighter than the water in the sunshine. Sunset touched the grey ripples with gold; it set the glass aflame.

I swooped under Tower Bridge, and slipped through the spokes of the Eye. I circled the Tower and flitted with the ghosts. On the wings of time, I perched on prows of royal barges and flew with prisoners through Traitors’ Gate. I heard the screams that echo in the wind, and smelt the blood that runs in the river.

I joined the pigeons at St Paul’s: I heard for tuppence, once, people used to feed the birds. I tried the flocks of my fellows careening outside the Aquarium, and dined on dropped burgers and thrown crisps. I saw Tower Bridge open, and heard the bells of London sing. What did they say to each other? The summer is passing.

I worshipped at Southwark, and raced trains at Waterloo. I swayed on Millennium Bridge, and summoned shades of friars, black and grey, and princes, vermilion and gone.

Then, I left the dirt and din, for Southend. I winged above the waves and chased the sunset.



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