Daughter of Arachne: Flash Fiction

At sunrise, I leapt from the dustbin lid; I swung from leaf to leaf. Like a songless swallow, I flew, and dived like a dolphin through dewdrops. If I were a silkworm, you would prize me: trap me in a pampered prison. As it is, you looked through me; left me.

In the morning cool, I span. At the height of midday, I wove. I caught the rain; refracted the sun. When the afternoon came, I rested.

Poised, I sit, as evening falls: my work is ready. Tonight, I will drink blood under the stars. Tonight, I will scuttle under the moon.

Tomorrow, you will lift your hand, and tear. In a second, you will scythe what I have spun.



This piece of flash fiction is featured in An Animal Anthology of Flash Fiction. Get your copy of An Animal Anthology of Flash Fiction FREE between August 2nd and 6th! 


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